Help the Festival by Volunteering

The Apple Harvest Festival is run primarily by volunteers like you! Each year we recruit over 200 people to volunteer a few hours of their time over the six days of the festival. Volunteers receive a commemorative t-shirt as a thank you for their time.

Volunteer positions are open to adults as well as High School Juniors and Seniors. Any volunteer handling money must be 18 years of age or older.

Applications are due by Friday, August 30, 2019.

Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following positions:

Beverage Sales

Volunteers in these booths will keep our festival visitors hydrated by selling bottled beverages.

Carnival Ticket Sales

Volunteers will work in the carnival ticket booth selling ride tickets.

Merchandise Sales

Volunteers in the merchandise booth will be selling Apple Harvest Festival apparel as well as assisting with providing information (such as maps) to patrons.


If you are an Apple Harvest expert, then this is the position for you! Volunteers in the information booth will provide maps and festival knowledge to patrons.

Beverage Runners

These volunteers will be in charge of keeping our beverage booths fully stocked. Must be able to lift 25 lbs. and complete repeat motions including bending.

  • All booths staffed by volunteers will have a minimum of two (2) people working at all times.
  • All volunteers must have reliable transportation to and from the festival. There is no shuttle bus service on either Friday of the festival (October 4 and October 11).